Friday, September 12, 2008

We be clean!

Cleaning girl did a great job and well worth the money.(since this time I took it out of Honey Bun's acct) I think the hardest part of actually having a cleaning girl is picking everything up and putting it away so she can actually clean. The bed was covered with clothes(clean and dirty) that were on the floor and toys were piled on the futon...just so she could run the vacuum. I ran home to let her in and spent the next 15 minutes running around the house picking stuff up, changing the bag in the vacuum and getting out all the cleaning stuffs.( because now I store it up high, so Sweet Pea doesn't guzzle down the poisons) I swear the cleaning girl just watched me thinking I was a crazy lady...and I totally am--but a crazy lady with a clean house! And Honey Bun even commented that the house looked great. Believe it or not! He noticed! Which either means...1. it really looked bad OR 2. it really looked good. I am leaning toward #2 because it makes me feel better.

We are surviving the rain. Games scheduled for this weekend, I expect will be canceled. We will know today if we are traveling to games or staying home. Cross your fingers that the games will happen, because I got shopping planned and will feel guilty enough to cancel and stay home if Honey Bun is home.

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Amy said...

YEA A clean house and a happy hubby is priceless.

How are the games going? I am sure Honey Bun is getting them shaped up. :)