Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who knew?

For about a week, I have been thinking, wondering, worrying, avoiding and contemplating milk. Sweet Pea is going to whole milk, we tried this about 3 month ago and it was a huge failure. She didn't do well and her diaper was always full and her tummy was always rumbly. So we went back to formula. It is going good, she is doing good with the whole milk. Daycare lady has a HS senior and he drinks raw milk from a local dairy. She(daycare lady) has given Sweet Pea this raw milk and then tells me that she(SP) likes it and refuses the store bought milk. While I am processing this, I agree to get a gallon from the dairy also to give to SP.

At this point you can probably see that I am easily bullied by Daycare lady. But I know she loves my child and would do nothing to harm her and I too would bully someone that was just standing and staring, which is how I often look in her presence.

Back to the story

Raw milk...straight from the dairy...unpasturized this good? I brew on this about a week, but continue to give her the milk.

While talking to Daycare lady I deduct that she is cooking the milk for around 30 minutes in a double boiler. At home I any good librarian should...and figure out takes that long to pasturize milk at home. Then she puts it back in the fridge and my child is drinking it.

SO..........turns out that I am the only one that is feeding SP unpasturized milk. Who Knew?!

Note for you concerned about this: I am no longer feeding it to her and I reminded Daycare lady that SP can not drink the raw milk unless she cooks it for 30 min first...or she has to feed her store bought milk.
Also for those of you who think you know it all: SP has suffered no ill effects of the raw milk because she only drinks about 10oz for me daily. And in spite of me has started meowing like a cat and barking like a dog and can identify many body parts(nose, eye, hair, ear, mouth, teeth, foot, toe, tummy)
And one more thing: I have started researching vitamins, since she is off the formula and on her mother's cooking.

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Amy said...

Not knowing anything about your dairy, I would guess that the milk might be better than store bought (once it is cooked). I am guessing there would be less hormones and antibiotics. Let me know what you find out about vitamins. I have thought about putting wonderboy on some but haven't found the time to research so I have done nothing.