Tuesday, December 16, 2008

dad-daughter round two

Again we see the daughter smarter than the father.

I have been talking about potty training with Honey Bun. What to do with her, what to ask her and what to do when she tells him she has to go. (He is real serious about it all and listening intently and watching the process.)

a few days pass...

Sweet Pea says potty, potty, which Honey Bun doesn't really understand and questions her again and she runs into the bathroom and points at the potty...he gets the message and sits her on the pot...she stares at him...blink, blink...he asks if she is done...she nods yes...he removes her and pulls up her pants...she again points at the potty...where he looks to find...her toothbrush!

He was very put out by the whole incident...which I thought was horribly funny.

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