Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a whole new girl!

Sweet Pea got tubes in her ears on Monday. I was so worried...about the tubes, surgery, her weight loss(she was down to 20lbs), if it would help, the long illness, the surgery, her hearing, her speech, the 75 mile trip to the doctor and tons of other things. But when I looked in her eyes on Sunday afternoon I knew I had to do something.
It worked. She is better.
They sucked out ALOT of junk and said she will be a whole new girl. She slept most of the way home but woke up about 15 miles from the house asking for "fish" crackers. She ate all of those and started crying for more. She proceeded to eat a package of saltine crackers I found in the bottom of the diaper bag. When we got home she ate a whole piece of pumpkin pie and 2 bowls of dry cereal. Then lunch was macaroni and cheese and more pie.

(you see she likes pumpkin pie and I made one to entice her to eat earlier...she would not have anything to do with it. actually she wasn't eating anything for the week prior to the surgery.)

Day care lady said she didn't quit eating all day yesterday. And we made another pie today.

They said she would start showing normal behavior and she has...she has been throwing a fit pretty regularly now. Which is such a relief (didn't think I would ever say that) but she was so listless before and so sick! We still have a little drippy nose, but otherwise nothing like last week. I am so happy with the whole thing. Honey Buns is sick and we are putting off our holiday travel till tomorrow when I am hoping that he will feel better. The antibiotics should be working then. He has a big fat sinus infection. I totally told him that it was a sinus infection and he said that he was 'fighting' it and didn't need to go to the doctor...till I told him I wasn't taking him home to see his parents for Christmas, because he looks like ass. And we were not driving all the way over there so he can give them his illness and how much fun was he going to have if he was just going to lay in bed the whole time he was there, that he could do that here and save the gas. He decided that maybe he should see the doctor (Hello, it is christmas eve...I am so lucky they were able to get us in and I am so glad that they were working today. because neither of us are and I told everyone in the clinic how much I appreciated they were working today) We got the prescription filled and should be ready for the long weekend.

The only thing is I was not planning on being here for Christmas, so I don't really have much food in the house and I refuse to make one more trip to we are just eating what we have.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Amy said...

I am so glad you are having fits again. YEA

Hurray she is feeling better.