Friday, December 5, 2008

To all my regular readers I am participating in a contest to win the HP Magic Giveaway which I read on Moosh in Indy. (I just love her views on lots of stuff, and the curly hair on her little moosh is “to die for”, which is totally what one says when they have a child with straight as a string hair and not much of that to even comb yet, but that is for another post) ( and I was hoping to get style points for complimenting the daughter's hair, but Casey says she can't be bought.)

Have you heard of Savonburg Kansas? Probably not, it is a pretty small place. Currently only 87 people live there. And they don't have a park or a playground or even a store. Actually the only profitable enterprise is the soda machine that sits outside the community building. BUT they have a library! And what a library it is, it is the best place to be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday afternoons. You see they don't have much funding, but they try to be open for the kids. Robin runs the library and she is a total jewel. She always has coffee and hot drinks for the folks who stop by, music plays softly throughout the room and most importantly she has a smile and a kind word for all who pass through the doors. Robin has the magic, Robin shares the magic. If you choose me...I will share the computer equipment with Robin and the Savonburg Public Library.

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Amy said...

Ok, How do I choose you?