Monday, December 1, 2008

Whew...back home!

We had a good thanksgiving weekend with family. But I am very glad that we came home a day early. Just nice to see everyone, but also glad to get back home and rest before the week hits again.

We braved the crowds on Black Friday and it was actually fun to search out the bargains. I got all the gifts for my "adopt-a-child" kids and even wrapped those gifts last night and delivered them to the church today. I am feeling very good about volunteering for that program and the great deals I got in order to get those little kids some gifts they need and toys they want.

Sweet Pea has been struggling with sleeping again. For the past two nights refusing to get in her crib but managing to get some sleep in the big bed or my bed. I am not sure how much sleep I am getting and I know that Honey Bun is not sleeping much. I decided that the solution might be a toddler bed. And before I had even worked through this bright idea, I had the girls at the office listen to trading post on the radio and of course there was one listed this morning. So I called and bought it after work. It is little tikes princess bed--looks like a cottage and has a window that opens so you can stash your treasures in there. Very cute. But of course now I am having buyer's remorse. Not exactly sure why.

*I know I can sell it and make what I paid or more.
*It might work? she might sleep in it or it won't be any worse than it is now.
*We have a twin bed in the shed and I should have just thrown that mattress on the floor and had her sleep on that (but this princess bed is so much cuter)
*I am not ready to get rid of the crib yet, is she ready to be out of it? (when did my baby grow up?)
*Will this just make it easier for her to roam around at night? (it is not unusual for her to wake up and want a snack and after a few crackers and a drink she will be ready to get back in my bed and back to sleep)
*my big old bed is so high off the ground that it would be a big fall to tumble off of it and I don't want that.

Just not sure when to make the transition to this bed. Right now it is filling up the garage and needs a good cleaning. Thinking maybe the last week of the year, I am taking off work and that might be the best time to make it work. I will post a photo when the change happens so you can see my little princess in her "big" bed.

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