Thursday, January 8, 2009

still here, taking one day at a time

I know you are all dying to know what is happening on Holiday Lane...the answer is another doctor visit. I am so tired to going to doctor visits. But last night was a good experience.

The ears are going good, no more sickness from them and we got the big fat thumbs up from the ENT on Tuesday. Yippee for us!

Sweet Pea got her MMR on New Year's Eve. I have been dragging my feet to give it to her. But finally decided to do it while I was home on break and maybe survive any reaction without a day off of work. Things didn't go too well with that idea. The fever started Saturday and lasted till Tuesday. The rash started Monday on her lower took over her head and face last is everywhere.

Mama Bear took action. I called the doctor's office and insisted that we see a doctor last night(they have some evening hours) we finally left the office at 8:30pm BUT I got an answer. Sometime between the MMR and Saturday she got a viral exanthem(which means rash) So we are waiting that out and treating the symptons with benadryl and tylenol.
I was just about to bawl when the doctor said it was a virus and not measles. Such relief.

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