Monday, January 5, 2009

It happened to me!

You won't believe it. It was a total mess, and I would not recommend it, but we survived it and we don't want to do it again!

I washed a diaper last night!

Eeewww! yuck! It wasn't a icky diaper, quite possibly it could have been a brand new one. But do you know what those diapers are filled with? That jelly stuff.

So the gel was ALL over the clothes and the washer. It was horrible. And it started to really gross me out, that fact that it was all over everything.

This is what I did...
1. took all the clothes outside and shook them out(which threw the gel all over me)
2. ran the rinse cycle to clean out the washer. I put salt and baking soda in the rinse water. I also had to wipe down the sides of the wash tub with a wet washcloth to work the gel down to the water level.
3. I rewashed the clothes using Oxi-clean (recommended because it uses salt in the formula)
4. Dried them as I normally would.

The clothes are fine, so far. no stains and nothing ruined. But everyone at my house shares the blame. We have been working on throwing things in the trash. And I started laundry basket awareness this past week. As in put your clothes in the dirty basket. She could have easily confused the two. Honey Buns gets her ready for the bath in the evening. He could have left the diaper in her pants and thrown the whole thing in the laundry. And I need to check more faithfully instead of just dumping the whole pile in the washer.

What have you done lately?

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