Thursday, February 26, 2009

a first

As a working mom, I have missed some firsts, I have a very good day care provider who lets me think I don't. She didn't tell me when she rolled over for her and waited until I told her that she was rolling over. She lets me think I am not missing everything. How nice is that!

But yesterday we had a first, and I was there to see it.

We have been talking about the potty, she uses the potty when I put her on it in the mornings, and we celebrate appropriately when she uses it. She started to tell me when she "had" to potty. I put it in quotes because usually when she told me it meant that she was currently going potty or had just went potty. But NOT yesterday.

The potty was in the living room, and she was standing by it pulling down her pants and saying potty. Honey Buns was saying No, No and I grabbed her and sat her down on the chair. We watched (mostly because we were all in the living room watching the weather) (we just turned our attention to her) and shortly after she said Done. And we all peered into the pot and there was potty. POTTY in the POTTY! Can you believe it!!!

We (all three of us) were giving high fives all around. And we marched that potty into the bathroom and flushed it down with as much ceremony as we could muster.

I was so proud of my little pumpkin. potty in the potty.

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