Monday, April 20, 2009

rookie mistake

Potty training is a process. I keep repeating that as often as I am taking a deep breath and counting to 10. Potty training is a process.

This weekend she only wanted to wear panties. I was so excited. A little too excited, maybe. I am not quite ready for only panties...her dad is not quite ready for only panties. To the Sweet Pea only panties means...ONLY PANTIES. no pants, no socks, no shoes, no shirt...only panties.

Sunday morning was only panties time. It went well for a few hours. We had an accident, we changed and we had a success(sort of) She screamed POTTY, so we ran in there. She said she needed privacy, so I stepped out of bathroom and went to get something. So I left the immediate area. When I returned I asked if she was which she said yes. So I asked all the appropriate questions and praised her and offered her a sticker for using the potty. She was real excited about the sticker. So we went into the kitchen to get our sticker. While she was making her decision about which sticker to pick(because you know it is an antagonizing decision) she proceeds to potty all over the kitchen floor. And she was just as surprised as I was.

I learned that an almost 2 year old doesn't always tell the truth when referring to potty matters. I should not leave the area and trust her word for it.

p.s. She got her sticker anyway.

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Amy said...

You are a braver women than I am. I had no plans of starting the 'process' til summer when we were home. But one day he said he wanted to potty like dad standing up. So we tried and it worked. But we have NEVER went to ONLY PANTIES. We use pull ups. You are a brave women !!!!!