Thursday, October 15, 2009

a crapshoot?

Is all of motherhood just a crapshoot?

am I spoiling her, am I scarring her, am I doing the right thing...How do you really know?

So here is the latest! I have a conference planned for today and tomorrow. One I am going to out of town and planning to sleep in a hotel out of town and leave Sweet Pea with Honey Buns on their own and I will be out of town.

Tuesday night...fever strikes. Sweet Pea is down with fever.

I had to work on Wednesday we had a huge inservice planned at the office. I had to go.

I canceled everything for my trip out of town.

Last night...fever breaks...she bounced out of bed this morning asking if she can go to see her friends at day care.

So I sent her for a few hours to play with her friends and I went to work.
Hope that was the right choice.

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Amy said...

I think you are fine. I believe mother's instinct is the best.