Monday, October 12, 2009

a year older

I am now a year older. One last year till the big 40...can you believe that? I can't. Seems old, so I am trying to ignore the fact.

But is was a great weekend. I had a day off from work on Friday and got a 2 hour facial. 2 whole hours for myself...can you believe it...a 2 hour facial. It was WONDERFUL! truly wonderful.

She did some extractions, I got a shoulder and neck massage, scrubbing, masking, and then some advice to solve my problems. The advice alone was well worth it.

She said I am not exfoliating enough--which I did not tell her I wasn't exfoliating at all--because I think they know the truth--doesn't the dentist know when I say I floss some, that actually means I flossed right before I came and not at all before that? He does, doesn't he!

Anyway...I got some samples and have tried them. Not going to spend the money on her products but I did get some exfoliating scrub at my favorite store and bought some moisturizer too and changed my make-up plan to help with the problems that are developing.

Then I went to get my haircut and drove back home. It was a perfect day off!

Birthday was great on Sunday. Family time is always best. Honey Buns got me this necklace with Sweet Pea's name on it. It brought tears to my eyes. My first piece of "Mom jewelry". I am wearing it today and no one has noticed...but me. But it is just perfect for me.

I got some great lip gloss, 2 bags with my name on them (one for travel and one for shopping) and a new curling iron to go with my new 'do. Doesn't it sound like a great day!
It was a wonderful weekend.

and now for the fine print...
1. I have a coupon code if you want something from the necklace place.
2. I picked out the necklace and actually ordered it for Honey Buns...but still it was a surprise to see what it looked like and all the emotion that having Mom jewelry meant to me.


technorae said...

The necklace is WAAAY cool! I am sure it is even nicer up close and personal. Mommy jewelry is always more special than regular jewelry.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

That is awesome. Congrats on a great birthday and a wonderful present.