Monday, February 8, 2010

You be the Mom, I be the dancing girl

Our new game is I be the dancing girl, you be the mom. What does the dancing girl do...duh...she dances. What does the mom do...duh...she claps when the dancing girl is done. We play this all the time...and...we play this with whatever music we have available. Lately it is the musical sit-n-spin (that I got for Christmas with a $10 off coupon, so it only cost me $9, total steal) But she also plays her music CD's and the child has 3 now...or...we use music off the TV. But she dances and I clap for her. I am NOT allowed to dance...because...wait for it...I am not the dancing girl...I am the mom.

So to make this story more interesting. I have been searching for an MP3 player for her. Kid proof. She has been using Honey Buns discman, which seems like a good option till you hear it clatter to the floor and the child yelling that the music quit. So Honey Buns has to get it going again and that works till it hits the floor again. So I found a fisher price one on ebay that seemed just what I wanted...but could not justify the price for a used machine. So knowing that argument and just knowing me and my cheap ass...I continued to search for MP3 options for the younger set...and I found sweetpea3. Which totally seemed like a sign. I bought the purple one. And you can see the price is considerably higher than the ebay FP3...but I wanted it. And it has it's own speaker and it will work with our headphones.

It came today...I love it.

I already loaded up her favorite CD and am waiting to see how she reacts when her favorite song starts playing. Happy Valentine's day Sweet Pea!

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