Friday, February 26, 2010

Teacher License

So I have my teaching license. The one I struggled and worked for and finally got after 4 long years (but the best 4 years) of college. And it is going to expire in 2011. Which doesn't sound bad...until you realize that I haven't been using it for 5 years and how in the world am I going to renew if I don't have any experience in these last 6 years to renew with. So I visited my local USD and got almost no help at all. Then I called the State Board of Ed and got some good info. I have to start with my local USD and if I am not getting any cooperation I can use another USD in the state.

The one good thing I did get from the local board office is the name of the PDP chairperson. I emailed and got no response, but Honey Buns who is so optimistic and kind said I needed to call before I gave up on them. I called and she was nice and I drove right over to get the process started. I am working real hard to fill out the paperwork. I have to prove I have 120 hours of continuing education. I have to fill out a form on each CE event I went to in the last 3 years and I have proof I went. Lucky for me I kept alot of that stuff. Because it would be real real hard to come up with 120 hrs if I didn't. I submitted 80 hrs yesterday for approval and I hope it gets approved. But that means I have about 19 months to get the remaining 40 points. Then print the form out and get the license renewed.

If it all gets approved.

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