Friday, April 9, 2010

We survived!

Grammy and Grampy came to cover for me. I had a conference to go to and they came to save the day. Grammy made Honey Buns favorite foods and served him like the royalty he is (to her!) Me, I just treat him like the same ole Honey Buns and he usually treats me like a he was due some pampering.

Sweet Pea had a great time with them. She was ready for her mom to be home, but I think that Grammy was pretty grand.

New Day Care situation is going well. She is still crying when I drop her off...but I think that is to be expected and I am trying real hard to ignore it. She is so happy when I am there to pick her up and the beginning pre-school is really good for her.

I have started to struggle with the preschool decision. Should she go when she turns to 3 or do I wait. If it was tomorrow I think I would say wait, but since it is in September, I am thinking sign her up. A few days ago they had 2 slots open in the afternoon session...that's all that is left. I really really wanted to try and get her into the special ed preschool as a peer model. But they won't test her or even talk to me until she is 3...doubt the 2 slots will be available after the birthday. It is $35 to hold your preschool slot...should I pay the money and forfeit it if the special ed option works? Plus...I will have to think about the transportation...I gotta get her to preschool twice a week? three times a week? I better get some more information on this school stuff.

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