Monday, April 5, 2010

That wasn't supposed to happen

Our day care situation totally blew up last week. Honey Buns said about a month know you are going to have do something about {insert old day care lady's name here}...

a few comments about that...
1. why does it have to be me that deals with it?
2. when do I have time to deal with it?
3. how is Sweet Pea going to handle this?
4. can't we all just get along?

What does he have...a crystal ball? Me thinks yes!

And yes, the whole day care thing blew itself to smithereens.

So we have a new one. Still a neighbor, 2 houses the other direction.
It is going to be good...once we get over the trauma of it all. Sweet Pea is still crying (I know it has only been 3 days) but the crying starts in the morning when she wakes up. Isn't that extreme? Maybe not if you are into drama...we seem to be into drama.

New daycare lady has "school" they have time when they start to use pencils and crayons and she brings home papers covered in scribbles. It is so sweet.
New daycare lady is very strict and they follow a schedule...really follow a schedule.

It is going to be good for Sweet is going to get better. I just have to keep saying that.


Amy said...

I can totally relate on changing sitters. It will be so much better.

And I can relate to 'why do I have to do it.........'

Pamelito said...

Sweet Pea will adjust. Change is hard--even when you are little. And ---as for the "you have to do all the talking". .. .well, isn't that why God made us girls? To take care of business!!! Thank goodness for that!! Sounds like this new deal will be wonderful!!