Monday, August 16, 2010

need a reason to have a cake?

Yesterday was Dora the Explorer's birthday. There was a big splash all over the TV about the special and her party. Which we were supposed to watch...more on that later. Sweet Pea asked me if Dora was going to have a cake. I said she could have one at our house...and we started baking. Sweet Pea decorated it...she assured me that Dora likes lots of sprinkles.

We had the party at lunch, because we couldn't wait any longer...She said WAIT...and ran to her room and you could tell she was digging around. She can running back with a stuffed Dora doll and we sang to her and Sweet Pea blew out the candles. It was so fun.

While we were doing the mixing, Sweet Pea looked right at me and said...
"Isn't this exciting?"
And You know, it was! My child is getting so grown up, and it is so exciting.

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