Friday, August 13, 2010

the search continues

The preschool search continues. I might possibly be the only person in this small town that has seen and talked to as many preschool teachers as I have. And I haven't found one I am thrilled with yet. We have one more to talk with...and she will either pass muster...or we won't be going to preschool with all the other girls.

There are 5 girls in day care. 2 will be going to Kindergarten and 3 are the same age(sweet pea is one of them) the other 2 our age are going to morning preschool and right now we have only been able to score afternoon preschool options. And I have found the options that the other mothers selected lacking for my child. I really really wanted them to work...but I have left all my preschool tours (in tears) and feeling that it wasn't the best place for my Sweet Pea.

The search continues...

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