Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I jumped in

For a year or so, I have been "kinda" following the love and logic plan. Kinda means I think I am really doing it, but I KNOW I am not. I have been putting her in her room, but not closing the door, I have been timing her fits and then she gets out of her room...regardless of her actions, and I have been talking about why mommy put her in time-out, and coaching her on what to say to please mommy.

Have just decided that this is the day to confess it all and make some changes in my world.

I finally finished the Love and Logic for Early Childhood book and it gave me the courage to try it for real.

Sunday night, I jumped right in the middle of it!

Sunday night the fit lasted over 20 minutes and included me holding the door shut for that time. I made some mistakes and I felt bad about those mistakes...but I also vowed to do better.

Monday night the fit lasted 19 minutes and she was calm when I opened the door. I did not have to hold the door closed...but she did kick the door numerous times(which angered her father, but I got him calmed down without interupting the process) I did not talk about the episode after, I did hug and kiss her after and told her I loved her. She wanted to talk about it(mostly because that is how we have done it in the past) but I ignored her comments and went about my business and she did too. We remedied the problem that started it all...and time marched on.

I am hoping that I am strong enough to keep it up. I need a catch phrase. L&L uses Uh-oh...but that doesn't roll off my tongue...I never think of it at the right time. I am thinking about "not a good choice"

I need to buy the book so I have it at my house all the time. I was frantically leafing thru it last night to give me strength and then I slept with it under my bed. (that always worked in college)

I just kept repeating...you can do this!