Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I owe you a picture, I know, you deserve one. The one where she is wearing the backpack and smiling...I took it and she looks so grown up. But then...she is 3. Preschool is going fine. We have gone a total of 3 times. And she still likes it. Honey buns has dropped her off, I have picked her up, and I have almost forgotten her. 3 days and we have done it all. Next comes the hard part. The part where my real live job conflicts with the mom duties. I am busy next Tuesday. Wonder what will happen to preschool.
I have talked with another mom about a play date after school...does that sound like it will work? Now I have to get her dad to drop her off and we are set.

Why does life have to get in the way of my well laid plans?

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Amy said...

I totally understand. We have been at a back-up sitter and I have been having to take and pick him up. Good thing I have good people to work with that cover me.