Friday, January 28, 2011

Chef Sweet Pea

We get home from pre-school yesterday and I ask her if she wants a snack.
SP: Yes
Me: Shall we make cookies?
SP: How about cupcakes?
Me: OK, we can do that.
SP: Well, let's get to baking! You be Chef Mommy, I will be Chef Sweet Pea!

Times like these, they make it all worth it.

of special note**
I took the afternoon off to spend time with her because she wasn't feeling too good
Because of this I got to take a little extra time at drop off to meet her school friends
My daughter knows the pledge of allegiance
I made apple cinnamon muffins, which we iced and put sprinkles on.
She licked the frosting off of 3 muffins, I ate 2, her dad ate 1.
Muffin mix is on the shopping list, in case we have another cupcake emergency!

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Amy said...

Sounds like a plan and a wonderful afternoon.