Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow...beautiful snow

We have our first snow of the season. It is such a beautiful fluffy snow. Just the right kind, no ice, just wonderful white snow.

Sweet Pea woke up to the whiteness and squealed. (I told you it was beautiful!)
We got her dressed for the day and she wanted to wear her boots. I let her go out the front door so she could walk around the house on the sidewalk to the garage. I walked through the house to grab my purse and stuff to get to the garage, start the car and we would go to daycare and work after.

As I am walking through the kitchen I look out the window and there is Sweet Pea in the middle of the yard, covered in snow. She ran to the garage with pink cheeks.

I was late to work. But more importantly...I was living the moment. We laughed and giggled and threw some snow. And I dare anyone to say that those 10 minutes of my work day that I missed were more important than the pink cheeks.

Because to this Mom...those cheeks are the only thing that matters.


Pamelito said...

You are so right. . it the moments that take our breath away that count!!

technorae said...


I'd give just about anything to have those moments of shear bliss back. Our kids grow up so fast. Cherish those times.