Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blue Ribbon Baby

At the library last week, they had a open craft day. Tons of craft supplies and kids could create anything they could think of. It was so fun. Sweet Pea worked about 2 hours on her projects and she could have worked longer if I had let her. Before we left, the lady in charge told us if we left our projects they would enter them in the fair for us the following weekend. The glue wasn't dry, so I opted to leave them in the box and off we went on our vacation.

We visited the fair last night. She got a blue ribbon on the bracelet she made out of a pipecleaner and beads. The only blue ribbon they gave, went to my daughter! I was so excited I sent a text to all my siblings and my mother. We were a big 4-H family and blue ribbons are BIG.

She didn't really get my excitement. She was just excited to see her stuff on display.
Do you think this is how the "toddlers and tiara" mothers start out?

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