Friday, August 5, 2011

right on target?

We had our well child check today. It was so nice to see the doctor and actually talk about Sweet Pea and how she is and where she is in her development and where she is going. I like our doctor, she is a young and has kids of her own that are right around Sweet Pea's age and is wonderful to talk to, when I get to just talk about my kid...and not what her fever is or what is coming out of her nose. It was a good visit.

She finally weighs 30lbs. (with her tennis shoes on, but who's keeping track of that?)
She is 39 3/4 inches tall. (will she be ready for Disney in 2 years?)

Those figures make her in the 26th percentile for her age in height (meaning 74% of the kids her age are taller than she is) and 9th percentile for her weight (meaning 91% of the kids her age are heavier than she is) The doctor doesn't seem concerned about that...because she has consistently been right around those numbers for her total existence. She said she is right on target for Sweet Pea...might not be the average 4 year old target...but seems that she is just right for her.

I think she is just right...I am having fun with this 4 year old. She is a little bossy...but that is pretty consistent too!

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