Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been trying to lay out the clothes the night before, with the pretense that it saves time in the morning and less drama.

it doesn't

Some mornings it creates more drama
Some mornings it creates a huge fight
Some mornings the mom stomps off
Some mornings the kid wins

That morning was today.

I shopped on my birthday and bought a cute dress that works for warmer weather, but when you layer a white long sleeve t-shirt under was very cute for fall. VERY CUTE
But Sweet Pea hated it. She hated the layer look, that I designed, She hated the t-shirt, She hated the whiteness of the shirt. She hated it ALL.

I started slipping it on, and she said, what? WHAT? is this just white? Everyone will think I am ugly and PLAIN. I told her, just wait for the dress. She hated it more.
I ripped it all off, threw it in a pile and told her to figure it out herself.
(I know, who is the 4yr old?)

She came out in her new halloween shirt, butterfly skirt, brown leggings with mushrooms and flowers on them, cat and dog socks, black actually matched suprisingly well. I was shocked, but didn't say anything. Too much pattern for me. The leggings were a little much, but I told her she looked pretty. She even had me do her hair in a ponytail.

Guess I can't shop for her anymore, alone. Wonder if I can get the tags back on the dress...because I don't think she will EVER wear it.

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Amy said...

I want to be supportive. But all I can say is that I am so glad I have a boy