Monday, November 7, 2011

another good weekend!

I read lots of blogs...I mean lots. And on one recently, the blogger wrote how they were commented that they must live a charmed life. They only blogged about the good stuff.

I do that.

I don't want to write about the bad stuff. I don't want to remember the yelling (and I do alot of it) I don't want to tell you that I haven't deep cleaned my bathroom in...I can't remember when... or that my kitchen floor needs mopped, horribly. You also don't want to know that I changed my shower curtain and threw away some shoes that hurt my feet.

So I tell the good stuff. So What!

We went to "the town that loves purple" because Honey Buns had a conference on Sunday. We went Sat afternoon and got a hotel room, swam in the pool, went out to eat at a sports bar so he could watch the football game and Sweet Pea charmed the men at the next booth into giving her a tattoo for her cheek...which did not impress her father (he was not rooting for the purple team) but she had fun. We didn't stay for the game and left when our meal was over, easier with the little one. Back to the hotel for more swimming and more football watching. Guess which one I got to do...yep...swimming. Sunday morning we dropped him off and went back for breakfast and more swimming. (who swims in the hotel pool at was us, for 2 more hours of swimming) then we got showered, checked out and went to get lunch and ate it on campus with Honey Buns and went to the zoo. He got done at 3pm and we were headed for home. It was the perfect get away...mostly because the weather was wonderful for the zoo and the hotel pool was nice. The hotel was almost sold out, so we got a king suite with a sofa bed. Sweet Pea was so excited that her bed was both a sofa AND a bed. It was so cute.

I never get the food at the baby barnyard. I always gloss over it...not for us...blah, blah. But yesterday something happened and I had a we got the food for the goats, sheep, etc. And we are feeding them and they are swarming know, you have been there...and a sheep is eating from Sweet Pea's hand and he bit her finger. Didn't break the skin or anything serious. But her finger got pinched from his teeth.

And she says to me...I thought I liked sheep, but I don't. You just never know about sheep.

Cracked me up. We washed her hands real good and she has a little water blister. We left shortly after that incident. The fun was over and it started to cool off, we needed snacks and we were tired.

Honey Buns has taken a second job and this weekend was so needed. I know it sounds all hearts and roses...but...We are going into the holidays where no weekends are ever free and after the new year hits...he is working every Saturday night till April. I am trying to be glass half full about this. I pledged my this project. We are going to make it through this rough patch, I am blessed that Sweet Pea is now 4. I am blessed that I have a flexible job. I am blessed that we are going to have extra dollars this year. I am blessed that Honey Buns is a go-getter. I am blessed that when the semester ends in May, it will all be over.

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