Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 is why people have babies

We had a great Halloween. Sweet Pea went to day care, I went to work, then I picked her up, got her dressed up, we trick or treated my office, she went to school, trick or treated the town square, then I picked her up we visited some special people (and the team) then back to day care for that party...then we trunk or treated the church and back home to trick or treat the 6 neighborhood houses...and home sweet home.

The age of 4 is why people have babies. Because 4 is so much fun. We have horrific fits and episodes...but the good times are so good. Like when you are in young love and everything is rosy...that is 4 for me. It is just what I have been needing. Honey Buns is he has a second job busy, and I am spending all my time with Sweet Pea and she is actually someone I want to spend all my time with. Not like when it was the trying twos and I was seriously in need of a coffee break every two hours with her...or like when she was a newborn and I was so tired I couldn't even spell my name. This independent 4 year old I live with is just the best thing in my life right now. And life is good.

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