Monday, January 23, 2012

falling in love again

Is it possible to fall in love with your daughter again? I read all the baby books that tell you, you might not love your baby the first instant you hold her in your arms...but give it time and you will once you hold her enough to know her. I believe it. Because I actually held her for such a short amount of time before they wisked her away...I wondered when they brought her back to me after I got back to my room...I haven't told many people this...but I actually wondered if she was the same baby. My baby. Turns out, she was my baby and that love came in waves that first day of her life. Because they took her away again and didn't bring her right back like I asked. (And I think there was some ranting in that room and a very gentle husband did what he could to fix an unfixable situation...)

Which brings us back to the story for today.

Sweet Pea and me went to visit my college friend at her mother's this weekend. We both have little girls and the brown haired one is 5 and the blonde is 4. They are fast friends and very cute together. They both have been into beads and making necklaces...they each made two this weekend. One each with their names in them. Sweet Pea was so proud of hers with her name in there. They decided to make the mom's one also. Brown haired is in kindergarten and reading and so smart. It is so hard not to compare them and they are only 15 mo difference in age. Sweet Pea is in Pre-K and so innocent and adorable...but also smart! Brown haired makes one for her mom with her name on it. She brings it out to present it to the mom and tell her...see I put your name in the necklace. She spells the name...T-A-M-M-I. The mom oohs and ahhs over it as it is wonderful. Sweet Pea brings me one and tells me she put my name on mine too. Did I want to wear it? You bet I did. She presents it...and it did have my name on it...M-O-M. And right at that moment with her shining eyes on me, I was so proud of her.

I fell in love...again.

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