Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Me? !

I have made the same resolution for the past two years. The first year, I was semi-successful. 2011...I mastered that resolution! Menu planning is part of my life, a habit that makes my life easier, a routine to my week.

2012 needs to start off with a new resolution. I have a few brewing in the back of my skull. Listing them here will give them merit.

1. I want to get healthy. Diet and exercise. I want to lose 20lbs.

2. Cleaner house. I need to add this to my daily/weekly routine. I don't have a baby anymore, I don't have a toddler anymore, I can no longer use that as my excuse. I need to get a strategy I can understand and manage. Maybe pick-up one room a day and clean one area a week.

3. Professional goals. I need to write some.

4. Give him a break. I am going to try and give my husband the benefit of the doubt. He makes decisions differently than I do. He thinks of things differently than I do. I resolve to try and go with the flow more and wait to give my opinion until he asks for it.

5. Make time for fun with daughter. We need to do more, go more and experience more. That includes at home time too. I resolve to put away my book and do things with her.

I think maybe 4 will be the hardest for me.

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Pamelito said...

Good for you. . . the 1st step of a good action plan is to write is down and the 2nd step is to tell someone ----you are on your road to success!!