Monday, January 5, 2009

my resolution-2009

I am telling all the world my new year's resolution...hoping that will help me to keep on track and continuing to succeed.

This year I vow to make weekly menus and strive to only buy what is on the shopping list.

That is it, think I can do it?

I am one of those that always made fun of the weekly menus, but I had to resort to it in October to keep body and soul together worked. Things were much easier, no dash to the store daily, I knew what to expect for dinner and the weekly shopping trip wasn't all that bad and actually saved me money and time. Around Thanksgiving it all went bad and I totally fell off the wagon and was back to my old ways. Needless to say that December was horrible with all the extra Christmas shopping and the daily grocery shopping and the sick baby. I just can't go back there! I shopped yesterday and only spent $65 for the week. And only bought what was on the list! It was such a great feeling.

Now I have to fight the urge to put extra stuff on the list (like candy and cookies) and I came home on Sunday and started the list for next week.

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