Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lesson in semantics

I went to the exercise class. Still got a headache, but I went to the class. It was interesting...but I am going to go back...and going to finish the 6 weeks. I am going to do it!

But I learned A LOT. Honey Buns is a wonderful man. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about how great he is. But...his idea of support is much much different than mine. He said...go ahead and take the class I will support you any way I can.

That was where the confusion started!

My idea of "I will support you any way I can"...
dinner--figure out what to cook, cook it and serve it.
kitchen--after said dinner, put those dishes in the dishwasher, generally clean up messes that occured while making said dinner.
daughter--keep her happy.

His idea of "I will support you any way I can"...
I will feed myself with leftovers out of the fridge.

And that was it.

I came home after working and sweating for an hour to a whining child that wanted to wait for her mother to was a disaster.

New Plan for Thursday: Crock pot dinner that will be served and cleaned up before my 6pm class and then they can both sit in front of their respective T.V. sets for an hour while I am sweating.

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Amy said...

I understand the confusion. In our house I have to spell out that I want him to do dinner. If I do he will do a great job, but if not he will wait for me to get home. I think the crock pot idea is a perfect one. You will feel so good sticking it out and not having to worry about dinner at home when it is over.