Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am resistant to the term New Year's Resolutions and prefer to use goals. I try to set new goals each time I feel the need for them. Here are some of mine for this year.

1. Menu planning and weekly shopping. I managed to do this for 1/2 of last year and it was the best thing ever for myself and my family. I felt like I was less rushed and I knew what was happening at the end of the day. It also forced me into once a week shopping and that saved me tons of money. I was doing daily shopping and that was wasting both time and money. I am going to try and start this up again regular like.

2. Exercise. I have been feeling yucky. Totally yucky. I have frequent headaches almost daily and it is getting to where I dread each day. I don't know if it is stress or something health wise. Because I have been trying to manage my stress, I have been systematically going through my various doctors and haven't had a total physical yet with the GP, but I have talked to the eye dr., allergy dr. and asthma dr. Nothing yet. I am going to try exercise. Hoping that it will help with the stress if the issue is stress, or it will just generally make me feel better. And I might lose some lbs. I am doing a Zumba class and it starts tonight. Kinda excited. It is from 6-7pm which is a crappy time if you have a family and are trying to get dinner on the table...but Honey Buns is supportive and he said he will handle it.

3. My third goal is to do more with my Sweet Pea. I want to play games, go places and do things with her. She is 3 and soon she will be a tween and not really wanting to hang out with her old mom...I need to put housework and other things that I deem important aside in those times when she is available to play.

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Amy said...

Wow you are ambitious. But I also agree with New Year's Resolutions. I make goals as well. Good Luck